Big Brada Surfing - The Story

As a life-long surfer, I’m constantly looking for a good session, good vibes, and stoke wherever my journeys take me. While visiting Hawaii, I fell in love with the vibe, culture, people, and Ohana focused lifestyle. On my initial visit and meeting some local folks they often said, “Oh, you one big brada!”…and that’s how the company name “Big Brada Surfing” was born.

We are a small, family-owned company committed to offering high-quality, stylish, and long-lasting clothing for the larger surfer. Being a bigger guy, it isn’t always easy to find surf clothing in my size, and when I do, the quality isn’t great. It’s rare to find anything in 2X or larger, and even more rare to find something long enough for people who are also taller than average. I know from experience that the width of an item isn’t the only key to comfort, it’s the length of the clothing as well. That’s why all of our shirts are tall by default to ensure our customers are truly comfortable.

Give us a try and feel free to provide some feedback or just tag us in your surfing journey @BigBradaSurfing.

Mahalo from my family to you